hookLock M

Reliable security and function

Sturdy steel hooks engage deeply into the keep rail and grip into the frame. The conical design of the hook, together with the contact pressure adjustment in the Winkhaus keeps and keep rails always ensures good closing.

Winkhaus hook

The perfectly matched components of the security door locking system are as solid as they look. Hallmarked by lifelong function and supreme security. Solid components and precise manufacture ensure readily available locking mechanisms and hence guarantee the best locking force possible, enough to deter almost every kind of tool a burglar might use. Its flexible modular structure permits problem-free adaptation to and installation in all kinds of exterior doors made of wood, PVC-U or metal. The type of locking system and number of additional locking points can be selected individually depending on what kind of protection is required and the potential hazard.

Hook with rear claw

Not only does the stable steel hook engage deeply in the keep rail in locking position, but the keep rail locks in the frame at the same time. This helps to provide extra security by preventing the door sash from being ripped from the door frame.

Actively secured lock technology

Very robust sintered metal gearwheels guarantee long-term reliability. When bolted, the lock mechanism is blocked. The hooks are blocked securely and cannot be compressed either individually or together. The lock mechanism can therefore only be unblocked using the appropriate key and optionally unlocked by means of the locking cylinder or by actuating the handle.

Main deadbolt made of steel

Main deadbolts made of steel lend the Winkhaus security door locking system supreme strength even in the door’s mid-range.

Contact pressure adjustment

Together with the conically shaped hook, contact pressure adjustment in the keep and keep rail ensure good locking at all times. This permits door system tolerances to be adjusted with precision and evened out.

Continuous frame keep sets

Load forces are distributed equally over the entire frame rail without interruption. The enormous stability offered can be seen even by laymen. As far as professionals are concerned, “continuous” also means simple, convenient fitting. 

Easy key insertion

The mechanical structure of security door locking devices ensures that no forces stress the cam when the door is bolted. This permits the key to be inserted without problems in the locking cylinder at any time
hookLock M

hookLock M - Massive hook

Stable hooks made from chrome-plated steel engage deep in the keep rail of the frame. But that’s not all: the deadbolts are securely fixed in place in the locked position. This means that the door frame and door stile are held together with the highest possible locking force – a significant increase in burglary prevention. Yet the closing mechanism is still smooth-running and convenient. The sturdy protection can be increased even further. With the hookLock M4 tie bolt, four hooks in addition to the main deadbolt work to keep intruders out. Solid materials and precise processing guarantee extraordinary stability and a long service life.


  • Sturdy hook with claw action
  • Smooth-running closing thanks to optimal dead lock contour
  • Suitable for burglary-resistant doors according to DIN EN 1627-30 RC1 - RC3
  • Pressure adjustment in the keep/keep rail +/- 2mm
  • Hook blocked against being pressed back in fully locked position
  • Lock housing closed on all sides, in line with all standard/tested door signs/rosettes in accordance with DIN 18251
  • Main deadbolt made of steel, matt chrome-plated
  • Key bit load-free in locked position for easier key insertion
  • Actuation of the hook via the locking cylinder with 2-revolution lock design, also available in handle-actuation design 
  • Various distances
  • Large selection of backsets
  • For wooden, aluminium and PVC-U doors


  • Entryguard for concealed assembly and immediate unlocking from the outside. Only opens by a small gap to protect from intruders
  • For Swiss round cylinders (e.g. Kaba)
  • panicLock M design according to DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125 (with integrated smoke and fire protection suitability)
  • DIN direction adjustable (depending on the version)
hookLock M

General representation hookLock M2

hookLock M

General representation hookLock M4

hookLock M

General representation hookLock M3 with entryguard

Reliable 3- or 5-point security door locking system with hooks for wooden, PVC-U and aluminium house doors.


  • STV variation 60
    with 2 or 4 hooks for standard house doors with a sash rebate height of 1875 to 2230 mm
  • STV variation 62
    with 2 hooks for low house doors with a sash rebate height of 1735 to 1875 mm
  • STV variation 69
    with 2 or 3 hooks for high house doors with a sash rebate height of 2230 to 2400 mm
  • Design with integrated entryguard for standard height house doors, easy to unlock by pulling back the latch
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